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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Why????? Do they let idiots map cities....

Why in the world were a couple of drunk guys allowed to map at the city streets of Durham NC?? My best friend Carrie and some of her Tupperware minions came down for fall festival in Durham so since it is only 2 1/2 hours instead of 5 I thought that I would drive up and hang. Besides I am a big DUKE fan thanks to a very cute bot in the 6th grade and had never been there before. No wonder they are so good at basketball there is nothing to do in good ole Durham and if there is I will be damned if we could find it!!!!!! We drove around for hours in the most bezzare arrangement of circles that I have ever seen. After a certain point all you could do was laugh we left the hotel for some dinner assuming that if we could get back to where we had seen the mall from the interstate there would be a bunch of resturants just like there are in all of are respective towns. Road construction took us on a slight detour we found the mall and not a place to eat in sight so after driving around in circles for about an hour we found the Texas Roadhouse. After horrible service and the waitstaff tush pushin' to TROUBLE we were off to drop off someone and find somewhere cool to go party. Arnmed with directions from a local and an insatiable appetite for fun we headed out......to the middle of Freakin' nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once we came upon the last chance tavern we knew that we had gone way to far :) So we turned around and by now it was 11:30 so we stopped at the gas station to create our own fun and saw a sign that said Raleigh 32 miles.....screw that!!!! There had to be some bars in Durham right???? WRONG!!! Well there was a little strip of hole in the wall joints but being a car full of white women in a strange town we decided that it was a little to dark for us. Different town different circumstance...Hampton Charlotte maybe but not Durham. So we drove around again in circles for what semed like a few more hours before we needed to stop at another gas station for refills....got directions to the hotspot in town and were once again on our way.. So we follow the directions and wind up back at the spot with the hole in the wall joints and decided to go back to the hotel bar. We enter and it is dead we are so frustrated that we could not satisfy our appetite for fun in this new little town that we brought our gas station purchases in with us sat in the corner talking and laughing smoking and drinking. Till the bartender kicked us out a little after 1. We went back to the room changed into jammies banged on a few doors pissed the people across the hall off and went downstairs armed with drinks and cigarettes to sit in the lobby and try to extend the festivties of the night. In our Pjs chips drinks and smokes. We are so motel 6 only problem...we were staying at the Hilton!
Fun times!!!!!!!!!


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