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Monday, February 06, 2006

Why... Can't the heart and mind get together????

When Pat Benatar loudly proclaimes that love is a battlefield little did I know that the profound meaning of that statement would not hit me for many years. But know I know I finally understand wether it has been trough my own experience or that of some very dear friends...The battlefield is most def between the heart and the mind!!!!!! One is always in control and nine times out of ten when the heart is in control of the situation your friends can't understand because they are using their heads and vise versa. Can love be of the heart and the mind is my question....Is there ever an equal meeting?
Why is it that if you are with someone that you like enjoy their company etc etc your heart is in control and when they are not around you pick it to death! Everything that they said did what they wore the way they acted around your friend and question what could be the best relationship of your life
On the other hand when you are with friend and having a blast and the one you "love" is miles away and you head takes over...She/he has been a bitch/ass they went out last week they are getting on my nerves what they don't know won't hurt them....etc etc etc
So when you find "the one"do the two meet? If so why isn't "the one" that your heart has picked does your head tear apart with all the what ifs and why nots can't happens etc etc etc........


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